Bespoke Desktop PCs

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Laptop and computer repairs are not all we do. Our very successful desktop range is engineered to provide unrivalled performance. If you are looking for a quality reliable desktop PC then look no further...


We build for the individual so as an individual you can expect a PC that performs the way you need it to.

Our range starts with an all round day to day computer. This PC features the latest technology and is highly extendable.

This PC, along with all our bespoke builds, comes with a 12 month RTB warranty. Many parts have extended warranty all of which we apply where available.

 From basic business machines to a powerhouse computer, our builds are capable of running all modern day applications and many modern games. They are also highly extendable and offer some future proof technologies. The limit is your budget!

The Laptop Clinic developed the base PC with extendibility in mind. For the out and out gamer, independent graphics cards can be installed as an addition, RAM can be increased, Solid state Sata III hard drives can be added to provide stunning read/write performance and the most recent Intel i series can be fitted on request.

Things you can be certain of when buying a quality desktop from the Laptop Clinic in Blackpool: