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Small Business Services

  • Desktop and Laptop Repairs
  • Network Installation & Troubleshooting
  • Peripheral Installation
  • Day to Day Technical Support
  • Computer and Laptop Health Checks
  • Hardware Troubleshooting
  • Software Setup and Configuration

Data Recovery

  • Recovery of HDD, USB pens & Laptop Drives
  • Free Quotation with No Obligation
  • Collect & Return Service (Fylde Coast)
  • 99% Recovery Rate
  • Software Recovery
  • Hardware Recovery


Onsite Services

  • Desktop and Laptop Repairs
  • Network Installation & Troubleshooting
  • Peripheral Installation
  • Day to Day Technical Support
  • Computer and laptop Health Checks
  • Hardware Troubleshooting
  • Software Setup and Configuration



Virus and spyware removal

Malicious software goes by many names: Spyware, worms, viruses, Trojans, Adware, keystroke loggers, pests, and more. "Spyware" often is used to mean all malicious software other than viruses. We prefer the term "malware" as it's a bit more descriptive. The best cure has to be prevention and hindsight is a marvellous thing! We are generally successful at malware removal, though it has to be said the only 100% guarantee of removal is reinstallation on Windows based machines.

Sometimes it is far quicker to backup and restore than thread through individual registry entries removing infections. Our recommendation is "let's have a look". We can normally determine quite effectively the best course of action and this can be done in our workshop or using our pc repair online service.


Bespoke Computers

Engineered to perform, our bespoke computer builds are second to none; your requirements transformed into computing power.

Does a ready made computer actually do what you need it to do?

As long as you know your budget and what you need the PC to do for you; from business use to high use gaming, then we can build a machine for you. 12 month RTB warranty on all builds.



Computer Health Check/Tune Up

Why have your computers health checked? If you have vital data, family photos, expensive software installations, business details, databases stored on your computer then a health check every now and then seems a sensible way of ensuring this data is safe. Health checks include hardware analysis, hard drive integrity, registry functions and motherboard functions. As with all electronic items, there are no rules nor any guarantees. A transistor can die in a millisecond and if that transistor is on the hard drive circuit board then your data is at risk of total loss.


Operating System Reinstall

We can reinstall any Microsoft Operating System from Windows 3.1 (Yes, there are still one or two around) to the latest Windows 10 .  Reinstalling to us means; backing up any required data, low level formatting with disk diagnosis and error checking, complete configuration including securities such as firewall and antivirus software and importing your data to correct locations.

This is a bench service only, so take advantage of our free collection and delivery service in Blackpool and surrounding areas if you are unable to leave the house.


Hardware Upgrades and Installation

With desktop computers there are normally several good upgrade options. Memory, CPU, Hard Drive, Graphics cards are all relatively easy and cheap and you will most definitely see the benefits. With laptops however, options become somewhat reduced. There are upgrades available and in many cases employing "work arounds" can improve laptop performance. The best thing to do with regard to upgrades is give us a call to arrange an appointment and we can help determine the best way forward.


Setup and Install New Computer

If you have recently acquired a new computer and need assistance in setting it up then we are happy to help.

A call out charge will apply.


Starting Problems/Crashing Computers

How frustrating is it when you need to get online and for some unknown reason, Windows decides "nope...I'm going to crash" or "here....have it...A Blue Screen of Death" or "let's take 3 years and a couple of days to boot"? Normally when a crash happens, a log file is created and this file contains technical information about the crash. We can read these error codes, translate them to understandable English, let you know, then, in most cases, fix the problem. We say most cases because sometimes these errors are caused by fatal hardware problems and although the hardware can normally be replaced it doesn't naturally mean we have fixed the crash. In the case where log files have not been created, historical information is gathered from you the user and the PC and we work from there.


Hardware and Software Errors

Drivers used to be a huge problem, especially when bulk providers cease trading. They do not maintain drivers databases on their sites and consequently make life difficult. Microsoft have made this much easier to fix now but we still find problems especially on upgraded operating systems. Apart from drivers, software can also cause problems on a PC. These are usually registry based and can normally be repaired quite easily on our PC Online Repair service.


Screen Replacement

Laptop Screens! How many times do you tell them; be careful, don't stand on it, don't pick it up like that, mind that step, watch where you sit? Yes, we have heard them all.

Screen repairs are the most common hardware fault with laptops. Normally we can replace a screen and have your laptop back to you within 72 hours. We stock the most common screens both in Matte and XBlack or Glossy.

Though the repair is straightforward, great care needs to be taken when replacing a laptop screen. 


Screen Faults Diagnosed

Screen or Card? Not easy to guess. The screen can only really have two faults. It's cracked, or the backlight has died an untimely death, either way it needs replacing. Then there is the inverter, still found in older machines. a small electronic power amplifier that supplies power to the back light. The screen cable from motherboard to screen can also be a problem. This cable is prone to problems because it is loomed in the hinge mechanics and every time you open your laptop it is moving with the screen. Continual opening and shutting can cause chaffing and ultimately cracking. Some of these cables are quite expensive and they are normally the ones that break. Then there is the dreaded graphics card failure. On laptops this is normally fatal as the graphics chip is usually integrated.


Insurance Quotes Supplied

All the things people love, coke, orange juice, coffee, tea are all the things insurance companies hate. These loves cause untold damage to laptops if the two meet face to face. It happens though and when it does, you may decide to use insurance cover to replace it. This sometimes requires an insurance quote and we can provide these with diagnostics if we have seen the PC. Please do not ask us to quote if we have not seen the item. Unscrupulous quoting will be the death of relevant insurance cover and then a 20p cup of tea could end up costing £500.


Free Collection and delivery service  - Fylde Coast

We collect and deliver when it isn't possible for you to get to the shop. You will always be given a job number for your computer and a time guide for its return.


Warranty on All Screens and Fitting

As standard, we get a 3 month warranty on our replacement screens and as a rule we pass that warranty over to you. There have been occasions where a new screen has been fitted and a subsequent graphics card failure has rendered the screen useless and on these occasions we were unable to warrant the new screen. If we can provide a second hand option we will offer this but the warranty is set to 30 days as this is a second hand screen of similar age to the one that has been changed.


Screen Cables Supplied & Fitted

 Just a point regarding the screen cables. Every one is different unless it is from the exact same model/make of laptop. These normally need to be sourced and can be quite expensive. We will always advise prior to repair.


Business Contracts and Support

Here at the Laptop Clinic, we are aware that business and IT are essential to each other. We are very capable of handling your IT needs from networking to web development. The best approach is direct contact. It would be our pleasure to talk to you about your computer needs and we are certain that we can help find the most cost effective solution for you. Our locations in Blackpool in Lancashire makes us a primary IT provider to the hotel and catering trade so we have ample and diverse solution experience. Feel free to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make an appointment.


Data Recovery

Have you used F11 to restore factory settings? Lost your family albums, your i-media music and films? Don't worry, we can help recover this lost data.

Some tips though:

The sooner we get it the better the chance.

Before anything else, if it is important to you...BACK IT UP. We can help with this too.