Remote Repair Options

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Our new remote repair service offer three different ways to keep your computer running smoothly.

Option 1: One off repair

This service is a complete repair and includes system checks, virus and malware removal. tweak, boot speed boost and any other software issue that may be causing you problems. The one off repair is very thorough and could take some time during which your engineer will be interacting with you and keeping you up to date on the procedure.

We guarantee you will be happy with the end result. Your computer will be faster and considerably safer. If you are not satisfied, we will restore your PC to the point we took over and fully refund you.

True fact: The Laptop Clinic services over 3000 units a year in branch and in all this time we have never seen a Nortons, MacAfee or Panda protected machine that hasn't had malware or virus infections. So what exactly are you paying for?


Option 2: Monthly maintenance

One of our biggest concerns is computer users believe that because they have purchased an all sing and dancing internet security software that they are actually immune to the threats that are out there. Quite simply, they are not! It is better to know than to have malware covered up by a paid for software that is only likely to tell you how good it is when your subscription is due.

From our point of view, we would advise not to buy this kind of security. There are better for free and adding this monthly check will help to ensure the integrity and smooth running of your computer.

The December 2015 Security Audit will show you why. Have a read here

True Fact:  What a malware was yesterday is likely to be completely different today. Almost impossible to protect against because the definitions anti malware software  uses would take 4 to 6 weeks  to update.

Subscribing to this service means that once a month, we can connect, run a quick but deep scan and remove or advise on any infection we find.

Option 3: